Work related stress - are you doing enough?

Employers and Managers need to make sure they have the most effective approach to tackling stress at work but as we all know, this is a complex problem with numerous causes and impossible to eradicate from everyday life. So it is a problem that will not go away. Here at CY we were looking for new approaches and found the following really interesting. It is a step by step workbook published by the Health & Safety Executive, which may facilitate different  management strategies for this highly important issue.

Stress is a major cause of sickness absence in the workplace and costs over £5 billion a year in Great Britain. It affects individuals, their families and colleagues by impacting on their health but it also impacts on employers with costs relating to sickness absence, replacement staff, lost production and increased accidents.

This workbook will help your organisation meet its legal duty to assess the risks to its employees from work-related stress and gives advice and practical guidance on how to manage work-related stress. It promotes the Management Standards approach to tackling work-related stress – a systematic approach to implementing an organisational procedure for managing work-related stress. It uses a clear step-by-step method which includes checklists to help you make sure you have completed a stage before you move to the next step. HSE’s stress webpages support the workbook with other guidance and tools.

The workbook will also be useful to organisations choosing to use an alternative approach, and provides advice on ensuring their approach is suitably equivalent – many of the practical solutions may also be applicable. To get your copy go to the HSE website here

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10th February